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As your business grows, so will your team of employees. Managing your human capital should always be a top priority for your growing business.

Attracting and retaining top talent for your business requires competitive compensation including robust and unique employee benefits. Any growing business must have the right HR systems in place to effectively handle their human capital needs. If you're hiring your first employee or the fiftieth, Kuzneski Insurance Group has the experience to help ease your growing pains and manage this valuable asset.

What Stage Are You?


Human Resources

We’re Getting Started

At this stage, make sure you know the difference between "Nice to Haves" and "Must Haves" for businesses with employees.


Inquire about:

  • Workers' Compensation
  • Basic Employee Benefits
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Employment Practices Liability

Human Resources

Make sure you:

  • Have Mandatory Workplace Postings in Place
  • Establish Safety Procedures
  • File Appropriate Forms to Begin Payroll
  • Maintain Accurate Payroll Records

We're Growing

Satisfying the market demand will require continuous development of your human capital. Once the "Must Haves" are in place, you can start adding the things that help attract and retain employees.

Inquire about:

  • Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Supplemental Employee Benefits
  • Voluntary Employee Benefits
  • 401(k) Opportunities

Make sure you:

  • Develop an Employee Handbook
  • Implement an Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
  • Introduce Formal Training Programs
  • Become Familiar with the Family and Medical Leave Act

We're Expanding

You need people from other states or even other countries. Make sure what you have in place can expand with you.

Inquire about:

  • The Scope of Your Provider Network
  • Dependent Coverage Laws
  • Interstate and International Coverage

Make sure you:

  • Cultivate a Staffing Strategy
  • Design a Corporate Hierarchy
  • Learn Payroll Regulations

Let's Grow Your Business

Tell us a bit about how you're growing, and we'll make sure you and your business are covered.

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