What’s Changed? We’re Getting Funding

Each dollar raised creates new opportunities and potentially, new levels of complexity.

Companies raise money for any number of reasons, from licensing intellectual property to scaling team-size to buying materials and equipment. The type of money—either debt, grants or equity—can be as complicated and nuanced as the individuals or institutions that make the investment. As investors, advisors, and directors ourselves, we've been on both sides of that table. Our advisory capacity helps clients navigate these waters to make the best choice with the right terms so they can quickly get back to building their business.

What Stage Are You?

What to Know

What to Consider


Term sheets, grant applications and loan documents all come with their own requirements; we can help make sure you meet them.

What to Know

Whether it’s during due diligence or the application process, most sophisticated funding sources are going to want to see some things in place before they sign the check.

What to Consider

Inquire about:

  • Summary of Insurances
  • D&O Policy
  • Key-Person Life Insurance
  • Employment Agreements with Key Employees
  • Formalized Stock Option Plans
  • IP Assignments

Post Funding

You closed the round. The loan was approved. The grant has been awarded. You have the money, now what? What happens next depends on one question - what is the funding for?

How are you using the money?

Let's Grow Your Business

Tell us a bit about how you're growing, and we'll make sure you and your business are covered.

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