What changed? We're Exiting

It isn't always enough to just build a successful business; if you have investors, typically you have to have an exit strategy - or a way to return their investment. Whether your exit strategy is closing your doors for good, selling your company to the highest bidder, or going for the home run, we can help you make sure you and your employees are covered moving forward.

What Stage Are You?


Human Resources

It's Over... What's Next?

Closing your business isn't an easy decision but many entrepreneurs see this as an open door to another opportunity. Regardless of where you are headed next we can help.


Inquire about:

  • Individual Health Coverage
  • Review Tail Coverage Options
  • Portable Policies for Group Coverage
  • Key Person Coverage/Absolute Assignments

Human Resources

Make sure you:

  • Notify Your Employees
  • Inform Department of Revenue
  • Resolve Unemployment Compensation
  • Tax Account Wrap-up

We're Selling/Merging

Making sure you are covered whether you are staying on or moving on after the sale is important. At KFG, we can help you blend your benefit plans or take your coverage with you when you go.

Inquire about:

  • Reviewing Tail Coverage Options
  • COBRA/Individual Health Coverage
  • Voluntary Employee Benefits
  • Comprehensive Insurance and Benefits Analysis for Merged Company

Make sure you:

  • Notify Employees
  • Plan Key Employee Earn-outs/Employment Agreements
  • Evaluate Staffing/Redundancies/Layoffs
  • Explore Compensation Plans
  • Consider Alignment Strategy

We're Going Public

You're putting your company out there and oh, the new friends you are going to make—investment bankers, analysts, the SEC, more analysts. You need to put your company's best foot forward and make sure your internal ducks are in a row! We can help.

Inquire about:

  • IPO Insurance
  • Summary of Coverages
  • Coverage Reevaluation

Make sure you:

  • Notify Employees
  • Define Option Plans
  • Understand Lock-ups
  • Review Executive Compensation Philosophies

Let's Grow Your Business

Tell us a bit about how you're growing, and we'll make sure you and your business are covered.

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