Celebrate All The Things

Having a good culture is really important to us. Internally, it makes for a great working environment and externally, I believe good culture attracts good culture. It’s like Karma – […]

Up In Smoke

Andy and I watched The Irishman this week and were laughing about all of the smoke breaks they had to take and how prominent cigarettes were at that time. I […]


I was scanning a big document on our printer and while mindlessly doing so, I happened to notice our all-in-one labor law poster that needs to be hung where all […]

Medicare Part D Notices Are Due Before Oct. 15

Employers who sponsor group health plans that offer prescription drug coverage to Medicare-eligible individuals must provide a Medicare Part D Creditable or Non-Creditable Coverage Notice to those individuals before October […]

DOL Sets Final Overtime Rule

On September 24, 2019, the U.S. Department of Labor announced a final rule to make 1.3 million American workers newly eligible for overtime pay. The final rule updates the earnings […]