Cover Your Cough!

If you have ever met Andy Kuzneski, you may have noticed he didn’t shake your hand, but said, “I’m fighting a cold, so I’m fist bumping.” While some people think […]

Healthiest Employer Challenge 2018

It’s that time again for the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce Healthiest Employer Challenge…BRING IT ON! Yes, our company will be participating in the Healthiest Employer Challenge again this year. […]

Healthiest Employer Challenge

I never really thought I was a competitive person, until Adam in our office invited me to a week-long Fitbit step challenge.  I was obsessed.  To the point of getting […]

Exercise Balls in the Workplace

Here at KFG, we are committed to wellness. To help us maintain a healthy lifestyle at work, we each received an exercise ball. For us, it took a bit to […]

Dealing with Difficult People

Regardless of your line of work, when working with different personalities, backgrounds and experiences there at times can be conflict within the workplace.  Conflicts can be with co-worker, supervisor, a […]