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Three Cheers for Demo Day!

On Wednesday, May 24th, at 9:30 a.m. at the Carnegie Library Music Hall of Homestead in Munhall, PA, a dozen companies launched from Innovation Works’ software and hardware accelerators Alphalab and Alphalab Gear.

The companies ranged from data analytics, industrial IoT, and modular home technologies.  If you couldn’t be there, here’s who and what you missed:

Adrich: Adrich collects and transmits product usage data autonomously through product labels, so consumer brands and retailers can better understand and serve their customers. www.adrich.io

Amelia: Amelia is a business woman’s insurance against safety issues and burnout on the road, connecting the 50 million women in the US who take business trips each year. www.gojanego.co

ARIN Technologies: ARIN Technologies offers a high-value solution to companies that require accurate placement and movement data of products, equipment and people in indoor environments in which GPS is ineffective. www.arintechnologies.xyz

Blastpoint: BlastPoint creates entirely new markets for data by bringing together unlimited datasets, varied in content and structure, into one complete picture through the perspective of location. www.blastpoint.io

Hibersense: HiberSense reduces building owners’ HVAC energy costs by 40% while improving occupant comfort through an easily-installed, room-by-room climate control system.  www.hibersense.com

LaneSpotter: LaneSpotter is making cycling safer for the 100 million Americans who ride a bike each year with a mapping and navigation tool designed specifically for cyclists. www.lanespotter.bike

Lift Link: Lift Link helps fitness centers increase revenues and improve member retention with its network of connected devices and data analytics platform. www.liftlinkfitness.com

Module: Module designs adaptable housing that changes as your needs do, bringing the American Dream into the 21st century. www.modulehousing.com

NoRilla: Norilla is transforming the way kids learn through its mixed-reality system that bridges the advantages of physical and virtual worlds to improve children’s STEM learning in a more enjoyable and collaborative way, based on proven-learning techniques.  www.norilla.com

Nside Out Spaces: Nside Out Spaces manufactures and sells unique, versatile and multi-purpose outdoor spaces to homeowners, entrepreneurs, artists, festivals and organizations.  www.nsideoutspaces.com

Qlicket: Qlicket is an intelligent WiFi platform that enables businesses to form a dialogue with customers and gain greater real-time insights into their behavior through its patented hardware and software solution. www.qlicket.com

ZaaBox: ZaaBox is a luxury bath and body subscription company for African-American women, who spend $1.6 billion dollars per year in this category. www.zaabox.com

After each entrepreneur pitched their company, a block party ensued allowing attendees to follow up with the companies, to ask questions, demo products and even walk through a demo of a modular home.  There was even lunch.

Everyone loves Demo Day! We know because everyone says, “I LOVE DEMO DAY”. The excitement and energy can’t be matched. We love being a part of the start-up ecosystem and are proud to be mentors, advisers, investors, and sponsors.