Exercise Balls in the Workplace

Here at KFG, we are committed to wellness. To help us maintain a healthy lifestyle at work, we each received an exercise ball. For us, it took a bit to […]

Dealing with Difficult People

Regardless of your line of work, when working with different personalities, backgrounds and experiences there at times can be conflict within the workplace.  Conflicts can be with co-worker, supervisor, a […]

This is Your Do-Over

In golf, you can take a Mulligan. I have teenagers and upon occasion they say something and I ask if they’d like to take it back and try again.  Wisely, […]

Pick One Thing

Last weekend, I was asked to do a Healthy Eating Cooking demonstration for Fast Freight Expeditors, a long-haul trucking company located in Johnstown, PA. The purpose of the class was […]