What I Learned From My Summer Interns

Summer has come to end. Maybe not officially, but for us it certainly has as we say goodbye, adios, sayonara, auf wiedersehen to our summer interns. When we first started […]

Making the Most of Meetings

Meetings.  *Cue exasperated sighs*  Many people consider meetings to be the bane of their existence, useless wastes of time and effort that only result in miscommunication and frustration.  Though they […]

A Winning Formula

Last week, a few of our KFG staff members including myself, visited the new Innovation Works (IW) space in Nova Place. In the Pittsburgh startup community, IW is a recognized […]

Taking Initiative

We don’t always get explicit instructions on projects and a lot of times there’s no way of knowing what should be done. It’s a new project or process, a new […]

Two Minds are Better than One

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller Though some days we may wish we lived in a vacuum, the reality is that […]

Flexibility For The Win

I always hear my parents say, “There’s never a good time to go on vacation.” I never understood the problem. What could you possibly need to do at work that’s […]

The Art of Communication

In college, business majors primarily take classes on finance, accounting, management, and marketing.  Actuarial science majors focus on statistics, risk management, and insurance.  Once one spends some time in the […]